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  • About OliveCliq

    • Olivecliq Organises your practice at one or more consulting venues under a seamless network of clinic connectivity and communication tools to access patients. It connects you to online appointments and hospital facility for information processing. Hospitals, now your needs are all addressed under a seamless Patient Flow system, which manages Receptions, Nursing Stations, Billing, coupled with an extensive diagnostics management systems. Patient Filing and Electronic Medical Records system give you all the power to have patient info right when it is needed.
  • Awared Doctor, Better Treatment

    • Olivecliq OliveCliq provides you extensive information on patient, reports and other interventions history for making awared decisions. It connects your patients to you for them be part of consistent connectivity sphere, helping you understand them better means better treatment. Its integrated Prescription management system ensuring that your prescriptions are professionally presented. An inbuilt medicine profiling helps you build your own medicine preferences.
  • Referral Network

    • Olivecliq OliveCliq extensive database offers you to manage your referral doctors and patients. You can build a network of doctors to route patients to your referrals, share treatment records electronically with others to also make awared decisions for better healthcare services to patients and saving hassles for patients to carry files.
  • Medical Records

    • Olivecliq OliveCliq's Electronic Medical Records provides hospitals and doctors with complete history, diagnostics information and other treatments records for making awared decisions. OliveEMR give you access to images, documents, diagnostic reports, medicine and other plans history. Its integrated viewing capabilities ensures that you have access to patient records anytime , any where when a decision has to be made.


Olivecliq Registered Doctors!


Dr. Mohsina M

Consultant Endocrinologist

Location: Children's Cancer Hospital


Dr. Naveed Yaqoob

Consultant Cardiologist


Location: Bahrain Medical Center


Dr. Faisal Farid

Consultant Neuropsychatrist

MBBS , MRCPsych , CCT Adult...

Location: Curelink Healthcare


Professor.Asif Bhurgri

Consultant Histopathologist




CarePoints-------Hospitals / Clinics / Wellness Centers benefiting from OliveCliq Services


Islamabad Rheumatology Clinic

Best Rheumatology Clinic

Location: Islamabad



Location: Rawalpindi ,Islamabad ,Sialkot ,Karachi ,Lahore ,Faisalabad ,Quetta ,Sargodha ,Talagang ,Rawalakot.


Shahadat Clinic

Location: Bahawalpur


MediPro Hospital

Location: Rawalpindi


Children's Cancer Hospital

Cancer Hospital

Location: Karachi ,Rawalpindi ,Lahore.